Oleksyn Homes is a locally owned custom home builder based in Fort Saskatchewan. We provide a full range of residential construction and residential renovation services. With careful planning, detailed scheduling and coordination, Oleksyn Homes has the expertise and experience necessary to deliver any job in a timely and cost efficient manner.

We create a memorable building experience for our customers by exceeding industry standards for both quality and service.


I am sending a huge shout out to Oleksyn Homes for one of the best home buying experiences ever!  They are #1 in absolutely every aspect from amazing home building with all the right touches and yes finally, a company who cares about your needs!  Great customer service and guarantee!  Love our well planned home!

I have hired  Oleksyn Homes for a number of projects varying from new construction to substantial renovations, they have been excellent to deal with and the projects have all turned above and beyond my expectations.

Four years ago I decided that I wanted to be a homeowner. After looking at some previously owned homes I had a conversation with Oleksyn Homes and we decided to build a new home. Communication was excellent. I found that they worked with me to provide a home that would work for me as well as would be within my budget. Oleksyn Homes deals with quality tradesmen, who do an excellent job for their clients. I found that the building of my home progressed in a timely manner. Once I got possession of my home there were no issues. When I am ready to build another new home my first call will be to Oleksyn Homes.